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Lone Star Munitions Process

Lone Star Munitions takes pride in offering high quality ammunition at affordable prices. All ammunition cartridges are manufactured on site by the Lone Star Munitions team and are available to you at factory direct prices. All components are American made and of the highest quality. Gunpowders are modern, smokeless powders from prime brands such as Hodgdon, Winchester, and Accurate. Primers are non-corrosive and are supplied by Remington, Federal, Winchester, or CCI. Bullets, depending on design and material, are supplied by firms like SNS Casting and Berry’s Manufacturing. We currently load with re-manufactured brass, sourced from indoor ranges across the United States. Every case has been professionally cleaned, inspected, polished and processed. Several steps are included in the process to ensure that each and every brass casing is safe and suitable for use. All ammunition products available to our customers have been extensively tested for velocity and verification of proper performance in the appropriate caliber of modern firearm. Each individual round has been case gauged, visually inspected and measured against SAAMI specifications in several ways and at several points along the way prior to boxing, ensuring proper functionality in your firearm.

Lone Star Munitions cartridges are American Made, American Proud and Lone Star Strong!
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