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9mm Luger

The 9mm Luger is considered to be the most popular handgun cartridge in the world. Developed by Georg Luger in 1902, it has carried many names. Mr. Luger dubbed it the 9mm Parabellum, a Latin word meaning ‘prepare for war’. Mr. Luger’s colleagues and company renamed it the 9mm Luger, after the developer and the Luger pistol that it was specifically developed for. Other names are 9X19mm, 9mm NATO, 9mmP, 9X19 or to the weekend shooter, simply the ’9’. It’s a crowd favorite, no doubt. This caliber is widely used by military and law enforcement organizations worldwide and has rapidly caught on with the general public.

.40 S&W

The .40 S&W caliber came from the world of FBI firearms testing and development. After several agents were killed or wounded in a 1986 shootout, the Bureau determined to replace standard issue revolvers with semi-automatic pistols. Agent John Hall played a key role in these tests and the end result, after many changes and collaborations, was the introduction of the .40 S&W in 1990. This round is also known as the .40 cal, .40 Smith, .40 Auto or 10X22mm. This is a very popular round with law enforcement and the caliber fills a nice niche between the 9mm and the .45 ACP. The round was an instant success upon introduction in 1990.

.45 ACP

Also known as the .45 Auto, there is hardly a more iconic firearm caliber than the .45. The ‘GI .45’ became an icon during WWII. From the beaches of far-flung islands in the Pacific to Normandy to the bastions of Nazi Germany, the .45 military issue led the way as a personal sidearm. This caliber has been the gold standard for stopping power for generations. Any personal defense handgun will invariably be compared to it, either favorably or not, in terms of takedown ability. This caliber, developed by John Browning in 1905 for use in his prototype firearm that would soon become the M1911, is the epitome of classic American firearms. Gen. John T. Thompson of Army Ordnance insisted on a real ‘man-stopper’ pistol. He received such a weapon from John Browning in the .45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP).

.223 Remington

This highly popular AR-15 caliber is widely used for hunting, competition, self-defense and law enforcement. Gun grabbers hate it, politicians rail against it and gun owners know exactly what it can do: meet a broad range of small arms rifle needs and uses with exceptional capability. The 223 Rem caliber was first developed by Remington Arms and Fairchild Industries in 1957, with the first sale to Malaysia in 1959. The firearm and caliber became immortal in the Vietnam War. It has been tested and challenged many times in the U.S. Army, with military use continuing to this day. The .223 Rem is a screaming fast bullet producing fearsome energy at point of impact. Use it wisely, use it safe.

Lone Star Munitions Process

Lone Star Munitions takes pride in offering high quality ammunition at affordable prices. All ammunition cartridges are manufactured on site by the Lone Star Munitions team and available to you at factory direct prices. All components are of the highest quality. Our original intent was to use only American made components. The Great Ammo Crunch of 2020 forced a change in those plans. Domestic suppliers of components, especially primers, abandoned the wholesale market and left us high and dry. They can now kiss our red, white and blue patriotic behinds. Our first and strongest obligation is to our customers. Our commitment to quality is unchanged, foreign sources of components included. Gunpowders are modern, smokeless powders from prime brands such as Hodgdon, Winchester and Accurate. Primers are non-corrosive and are supplied by foreign makers that surpass domestic makes in quality, confirmed through side-by-side inspection and testing. We do not use primers from Tula or Murom, which consistently give quality problems. Any domestic chokehold on ammo components, with primers in the lead, has forever been broken. They started it, by all means, blame them.

Projectiles are now almost strictly made on-site at LSM using state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. A true, cold-swage, full metal jacket (FMJ) is our standard practice/target projectile. Occasionally, and noted on each ammo box label, we will use plated or synthetic coat projectiles supplied by firms like SNS Casting and Berry’s Manufacturing. Soon to come will be custom hollow points made in-house for self-defense. We currently load with re-manufactured brass, sourced from indoor ranges across the United States. Every case has been professionally cleaned, inspected, polished and processed. Several steps are included in the process to ensure that each and every brass casing is safe and suitable for use. All ammunition products available to our customers have been extensively tested for velocity and verification of proper performance in the appropriate caliber of modern firearm. Each individual round has been case gauged, visually inspected and measured against SAAMI specifications in several ways and at several points along the way prior to boxing, ensuring proper functionality in your firearm.

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